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Jeffrey's Wood Works
Product Description Page

Here's descriptions of the products for sale

Product 1 (#001)

This product has been very popular. It has a bird house in the front and in the back with a divider in between is a bird feeder that the feed comes out of the trough. You fill up the bird food through the chimney plug thats comes out.
The standard colors are red with the green roofs, painted with acrylic paint and finished with 2 coats finishing/gloss spray
I sell these for $22.50

Product 2 (#002)

I have also sold a fair amount of these napkin holders.
I can make them in many different colors. If you want them to match your kitchen send me a sample of the colors and I can try my best to match. These have two coates of acrylic paint and finished with one coat finishing/gloss spray. These can come with decels if specified for an extra charge.
These sell for $6.50

Product 3 (#003)

These cow notepad holders are perfect for the rancher. They come with one notepad. These notepads can be found at your local store. You can also store your pen in with the note pad.
These sell for $6.50

Product 4 (#004)

These paper towel hoders are handy to have and can be made with or without a decoration on top. If you would like a top please specify what you want it to looklike and I can try to make it. These are painted with two coats acrylic paint and one coat finishing/gloss spray. They also come in many colors.
These sell for $5.00 without a top and $5.50 with a top and if any extra decals or painted pictures are required the price will be increased.

Product 5 (#005)

These Honey-Do-List hammers are great to get the husbands. At the top the saying Honey-Do-Hammer is printed. Under that there is a clothespin to put the list of things to be done. The standard color of these is black but can be any color for an extra fifty cents. These are sold for $3.00

Product 6 (#006)

This Cat Keychain Holder is a great thing for the cat lovers. Or anyone who just needs something to hang your keys on. The kittens are painted grey on a blue back round. Finished with two coats finishing spray. Six screw hooks on the bottom of the paws to hold you keys
Selling price $8.50

Product 7 (#007)

The Warning Teenage Zone sign is great to put on teenagers doors just as decoration.
These sell fo $2.50

Product 8 (#008)

The business card holder is a great thing for the business people. It has unique curves to and looks very nice with a light varnish or stain.
It sells for $1.00